Our Story

A body of believers, approximately 10 families, united in Spirit on September 4, 1994 and identified themselves as Lakeside Fellowship. The first meeting was held at the Boy Scout Headquarters in Westlake, TX. Eli Bernard was the first Pastor and the Worship Leader was Ken Montgomery.

After one month, Lakeside Fellowship began meeting in Lakeview Elementary School in Trophy Club, TX. Needing a more permanent meeting place, Lakeside Fellowship later moved to the Roanoke Food Pantry in Roanoke, TX. Pastor Bernard served for 3 years before moving to Georgia to take a position with the Southern Baptist Convention.  The future for Lakeside Fellowship was uncertain at this time. However, the members of the small congregation met one Sunday night and agreed that God had a purpose for the church and all agreed to "pull together" and continue to do God's work. This body of believers saw God working in such wonderful ways during this transitional time. 

During the time Lakeside Fellowship was doing their pastoral search, we were blessed to have a young couple in our congregation who did missionary work. God seemed to have placed them in our church with a specific purpose in mind, for Mark Aderholt supplied as interim pastor for several months and his wife, Kristi, served as our Children’s Coordinator. After their time as interim, Mark and Kristi moved to Budapest to continue their missionary work.

Soon after, Lakeside Fellowship called Jack Dale to be the Pastor in July of 1999. Pastor Dale was on staff for 2 years before leaving to start a new church. Several months later, in May of 2002, Lakeside Fellowship called Chris Schad to serve as Pastor.  Within 2 years, Pastor Chris and our Ministry Council saw the need for more space, a more visible meeting location, and saving for a future building.  With this is mind, in July of 2004, Lakeside Fellowship moved to the Fieldhouse Fitness Center in Justin, TX.   

After eight years of meeting in Justin and saving for a building, Lakeside Fellowship purchased a building in Roanoke in September of 2012 and changed their name to Freedom Fellowship of Roanoke.