Ministry Council

Christian leadership has been defined in many ways and has been accomplished through both highly structured as well as loosely formed networks. At the very least, Christian leadership is influencing people to act according to kingdom principles through both a chosen group of leaders and through less structured, or informal networks

We believe God not only calls pastors to lead His people, but he also desires pastors to share leadership with others. For this reason, Freedom Fellowship's leadership is a group known as the Ministry Council. The Ministry Council is chosen by the members of the church, and is responsible for not only living according to kingdom principles, but also for influencing others to act according to kingdom principles. The members of the Ministry Council at this time are Val Franklin, John Lane, Gordon Carter and Scott Williams.

The Ministry Council is directly responsible for the oversight of the Freedom Fellowship staff, financial affairs, and property.  However, the Freedom Fellowship Family also indirectly shares these responsibilities.  The staff is not only responsible to the Ministry Council, but also to the Freedom Fellowship Family. The calling and releasing of staff is accomplished through the Freedom Fellowship Family. The Freedom Fellowship Family also exercises influence over the financial affairs of the church.  The financial resources for staff salaries, leasing property, purchasing property, investing in local and global missions, and providing benevolence to the poor is greatly influenced by the Freedom Fellowship Family's financial gifts and offerings. Additionally, a record of giving and spending is prepared each week by Freedom Fellowship's Financial Secretary, and is available for review by any Freedom Fellowship Family member at any time. A summary of this report is printed in the bulletin each week. Lastly,  while the Ministry Council and staff have been given approval to purchase minor property that has been approved by the Freedom Fellowship in the annual budget, the Freedom Fellowship Family will vote on purchases of real estate or the leasing of new property for meeting purposes.

While the Council is Freedom Fellowship's formal leadership, we also believe every member of the Freedom Fellowship Family is a servant leader whom God gives both a passion and a vision (new ideas) for extending God's kingdom. For this reason, the Ministry Council will seek to empower, rather than restrict persons with new ideas on how to extend God's love and God's kingdom.  Got an idea? Share it with a Ministry Council Member, and let's work together to extend God's love and God's kingdom.