Celebrate Tidings of Comfort & Joy

When I was 7 years old my grandmother surprised me on Christmas morning with a Super Nintendo. I can still remember what the box looked like and all the countless games of Donkey Kong my Dad and I played. That being said, I think we all have certain Christmas's engraved in our minds for reasons like an awesome gift, a surprise by a relative or saying goodbye to one. Today, on Christmas Eve, I have decided to take some time and try to figure out why I feel that this Christmas feels more special than any in which I can remember.

If I am honest I think today feels extremely sentimental because of the passing of my Nana on Friday. Christmas was Nan's favorite time of the year mainly because she loved preparing for the arrival of her family that she loved dearly. Over the past week, my family has had its moments of sadness but gracefully, comfort arises out of left field and in to replace comfort sprints joy. Today the mood is that of joy as we make an assortment of food and prepare to open presents, even the one's nana made sure she bought before she went to heaven. But as I reflect on this transition from sadness to comfort to joy, I can't help but to recognize this patten has appeared so many times through the year. 

That is why I am calling this “Celebrate Tidings of Comfort and Joy".

Like the tide of an ocean, God remained consistent and flooded the many wars I felt with comfort and joy. This segment could also be called "Celebrating a Year of Trusting God in Everything" because I honestly do not think that I would have no seen or felt this comfort and Joy to this extent if I did not trust God. I have noticed that this trusting has occurred in moments when I feel like God is directing me towards manhood and away from my childish ways. I am the first one to admit (well maybe sue) that I still battle with growing up. Thankfully as I look back on these wars that my soul was in or these wars of maintaining a long distance relationship or losing a loved one 5 days before Christmas, the times that I just was obedient and trusted God, God brought tidings of comfort a joy. 

I hope it amazes you so much as it amazes me that we have a God who sent tidings of comfort and joy.