VBS 2014 Is A Wrap!

VBS is always more than you can imagine. The decorations are bigger and better, the kids are funnier than you could've expected, the music is hipper than what you thought you listened to, and the curriculum is deeper than what you first digested. That's exactly what happened this year as we tackled VBS 2014 this summer. God is a really big god, and by really big I mean He always outdoes us. That's exactly what he did this year. We put our best foot forward and he leaps ahead. It's the truth of the verse in James coming to life... Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. 

We had stations with food crafts, bible adventures, outside relays and real-life child testimony videos connecting to that day's theme. It was all so touching and just so... Well, weird! We all found a part of ourselves inside the lessons for each day. It's because even though we're all different, make mistakes, don't understand and are afraid sometimes, we find ourselves running to something that will hold us down - our anchor. Something that will bring us peace and joy and grace - and if were all pointed toward the one who can really give us all of those things, then really were all sharing that common thread: we're all "weird animals" just doing the same weird ole thing. 

Click on the pictures to see how "weird" we got!

 Meri Sue Ramsey  Children's Minister

Meri Sue Ramsey

Children's Minister